Steel service

DSC00038v1Interstal steel Service Center emerged as a re-sult of company’s strengthening in the market, growing number of clients, and their expectations towards overall quality of purchased produce, terms of delivery and prices reduction.

From the very beginning Interstal has focused on specialization in galvanized sheets produc-tion (0.4 mm – 3.0 mm thickness and Z=from 100 to 800 gr/sqm). We use only high quality materials purchased exclusively from renowned leading manufactures such as:


DSC_1130v1We also offer Magnelis® and other PVC -laminated sheets that are rare and uncommon on the market. Portfolio of our services includes: cutting, slit-ting, rewinding of coils; foiling of sheets; storage and packaging.  Interstal possesses unparalleled experience in coating for galva-nized sheets.
Our sales department comprises best-in-class professionals that establish effective relation-ship and communication with our existing and potential clients. They always find the way to offer attractive prices and terms of collabora-tion. Choosing Interstal you are choosing reliable, flexible and trusted partner for a guaranteed business success.