Mounting systems

SONY DSCInterstal is a propriety manufacturer of a mounting system called InterFix. This system has a very wide application range in fields such as construction, ventilation, electrical installations, solar and photovoltaic installations. InterFix mainly works on perforated profiles that significantly simplifies and improves mounting process.
The system in manufactured from DX 51 galvanized sheets that is currently the most commonly spread and used type in the market. Coating thickness gauge depends on the environment where the system will be applied. Our preferred coating weight is Z275 (275 g/sqm) but we are able to produce the system in any configuration of weight and type of zinc coating on client’s request. We encourage you to contact our Sales Department to explore our manufacturing capabilities.



2012-11-22 15.23.59InterFix system is compatible with the majority of similar mounting systems of other world manufacturers.  Its spare parts can be integrated, combined or used interchangeably.

We can also finish the system with special paint coating “Antyfinger” of various colors. There is also an option to customize selected perforation.
InterFix system is broadly used for mounting electrical and telecommunication devices and wires, ventilation devices, photovoltaic and water panels, and in other construction fields. It can be also effectively used as a shelving system.
Every photovoltaic (solar cell) system is compatible with InterFix. You can find more information on our mounting solutions for photovoltaic system here.