Interstal entered the market in 1996. From the very beginning the company has focused on specialization providing quality steel products also including galvanized sheets. The thickness of the offered product ranges between 0,4 mm and 3 mm.
Such a precise specialization profile has allowed us to establish highly beneficial and convenient business conditions for our existing and potential clients. Our warehouses provide a wide range of products varying in width, thickness, and coatings.
In 2002 Interstal established its own Services Center with in-house cutting and slitting equipment that allows us take and execute express orders. Interstal’s industrial plant is located in Bytom close to many transport facilities and intersection of highways A1 and A4 that guarantees speed, flexibility and precision of our logistics capabilities.
The current scope of services has significantly expanded beyond Service Center function including manufacturing of galvanized pipes, PVC-coated sheets and various mounting systems.
We are open to develop and evolve our offering to satisfy any possible expectations and needs of your business.


Interstal S.A.

ul. Obrońców Modlina 7D
30-733 Kraków

Production facility

ul. Fabryczna 1
41-909 Bytom